Style. Comfort. Relaxation

Brought to life by a team with extensive experience in hospitality management, which also manages the Capitolina City Chic and Aparthotel Gutinului well-know hotels, this concept proposes a shift in perspective on tourist accommodation in Cluj-Napoca.

The hotel staff’s commitment to excellence, paired with the cosmopolitan charm of the hotel, are the salt and pepper of this unique space, which opens up a whole world of new experiences.



To amaze our guests every time they cross our threshold, creating memories and unforgettable experiences.


We want to be the first choice for tourists looking for one night or several nights’ accommodation in Cluj-Napoca.


Respect. Passion. Integrity.
Our values mirror the manner in which we treat both guests and business partners and collaborators.

Design & Deco

Designed in a style which reflects the courage to break down the codes, to surprise and to inspire, LOL et LOLA bears the signature of the Morphoza interior designers.

With inspirational details and twists which reflect various talents and passions, the design of the hotel speaks about times and people who embraced change and followed their passion.